Astral Projection Frequencies the authentic tale and how to attain it successfully.

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Astral projection was once a well-kept secret of the ruling elite in ancient Egypt. These days, astral travel is no longer an exclusive experience. Anybody can do astral projection. It does not require any special skill or talent. Actually, according to a lot of who have studied astral projection in depth, we are all born with the ability to astral travel. Regrettably, we lose this capability as we grow older.

Thanks to astral projection frequencies, leaving the physical body and projecting one's self into the astral plane has develop into significantly simpler.

Astral projection frequencies and brainwave technology

Studies in brainwave technology have shown that one reaches astral projection after going through several frequencies:

? Gamma (38-90 Hz) - This is the stage of high awareness and strong perception.

? Beta (12-38 Hz) - This is when the mind is on its problem-solving state.

? Alpha (8-12 Hz) - Brainwaves are slower and the mind is a lot more relaxed.

? Theta (4-8 Hz) - This is the stage of deep relaxation and meditation, when astral projection or out-of-body experiences take place.

? Delta (0.5-4 Hz) - This is the stage of slow brain activity, when one is in deep sleep.

? Lambda/Epsilon (<0.5 Hz and >100 Hz) - A level of multidimensional awareness and mystical consciousness.

Studies and experiments have indicated that astral projection might be achieved by combining these brainwave frequencies. Today, audio recordings of beats and pulses allow anybody to reach these frequencies very easily, in as swiftly as 20 minutes.

Audio recordings and astral projection frequencies

Particular audio recordings are said to help the brain shift to frequencies which are apt for astral projection:

? Binaural beats - This technology creates two separate frequencies which are introduced to every ear separately. This causes the brain to produce a third tone which is the distinction between the two, leading it to tune into a frequency that the human ear can not normally pick up. Extensive studies in binaural beats have indicated that a mixture of alpha and theta frequencies support make the shift of consciousness a lot less complicated for anybody who wishes to practice astral projection.

? Monaural beats - Two tones of equal intensity are used in this recording, pulsing at specific patterns and resulting in a sound that is crisp and clear. The brain finds it less difficult to get inside the rhythm of monaural beats since it doesn't have to balance the tone.

? Isochronic tones - Said to be the most effective type of brainwave entertainment, isochronic tones use tones of equal intensity at a faster pulse speed, enabling the brain to synchronize with the rhythm. In a 1999 study, it was discovered that college students who listened to isochronic tones increased their GPA from this brainwave stimulation.

There are many audio recordings accessible on the internet that claim to help anybody reach astral projection frequencies. Some claims may well be dubious, whilst other people may be true. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of such recordings, it does not hurt to seek guidance from other people who have tried these or ask for a trial run (some sites offer these). You don't need to invest money on something that you'll later discover as bogus or fake.

My name is Mike Burton and I've began this website as a no cost useful resource for others who would like to research astral projection andastral travel.

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